Monday, March 28, 2011

Lessons learned from my Nook

So I am calling a friend after work and don't have four hands so a bunch of stuff ends up on top of my car and one item does not get in my car. 
My nook.
You may not know what a nook is, but imagine a 7x9 eReader device that gets smashed to little bits when it is on top of your car and falls and hits the road and a car hits it ass you are driving with it on top of your car.
So, you are up to speed. 
After realizing I didn't have it I started to freak inside until I remembered to pray.
I let Heavenly Father know that I wasn't really upset to lose the device because I had been stupid, but I would really like to get the card back because it had all of the books on it. 
I looked and didn't find anything. 
I went home and just forgot about it and started figuring when I could get a new one. 
Sunday rolls around and go to church and then to another ward to give a promo for institute and my amazing EQ President calls up. I call him back and he lets me know that my home teaching companion has my nook. So I call him up and he said that a guy was behind me and saw it fall off and a car hit and stopped to get it. He had been unable to turn it on to retrieve any owner information but found a home teaching assignment in it and called my companion. He went and got it and it was returned to me.
The next happy thing that happens is that I got extended replacement and it is going to get replaced with a new one, and I got my card back. 
It never ceases to amaze me how personally invested God is in our lives.
I hope you had a happy Monday!

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