Sunday, March 20, 2011

To Quench

So I am a word nerd. I may or may not have mentioned it before but I love etymology and the expression found in old language. It is simply beautiful. Interesting word that wasn't mentioned in church today but you will see the importance later.
late 14c., fabulous stone, which, when set afire, would not be extinguished; from O.Fr. abeste, from L. asbestos "quicklime" (which "burns" when cold water is poured on it), from Gk. asbestos, lit. "inextinguishable," from a- "not" + sbestos, verbal adj. from sbennynai "to quench," from PIE base *(s)gwes- "to quench, extinguish" (cf. Lith.gestu "to go out," O.C.S. gaso, Hittite kishtari "is being put out"). Meaning "mineral capable of being woven into incombustible fabric" is from c.1600; earlier this was called amiant (early 15c.), from L. amiantus, from Gk. amiantos "undefiled" (so called because it showed no mark or stain when thrown into fire). Pliny was the first to make the error of calling this asbestos. Supposed in the Middle Ages to be salamanders' wool. Prester John, the Emperor of India, and Pope Alexander III were said to have had robes or tunics made of it.
1. To extinguish; to put out; as, to quench flame.
2. To still; to quiet; to repress; as, to quench a passion or emotion.
3. To allay or extinguish; as, to quench thirst.
4. To destroy.
5. To check; to stifle; as, to quench the Spirit.
So a friend of mine had a non-associated friend die. We were discussing this with a small group and he said towards the end something to the affect that he felt sheltered in a way that some people effected by the death were not. 
I thought that was interesting and was looking at faith, shield, quench and go to thinking how does it relate, if at all, to his statement?
Interestingly enough shields are not designed to deflect. That is what I naturally assumed. Shields are typically made from two materials; wood or steel. Steel is extremely elastic and therefore terrible for deflected. It will merge with the impact and thus absorb the effect of the blow instead of bouncing the two people in crazy directions. 
So with my reading and what I was able to find out faith has yet another new layer added to it. Faith is the shield. If given the choice between a sword and a shield, take the shield. But if you want more reliable advise it says Ephesians 6:17 reads, "Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked." Above all sounds pretty important.
So conclusion I am pretty stoked about faith. It literally absorbs all of the fear, the hate, the hurt, the abuse, even death that may come from outside forces, but also gives us the strength to repent and thus not only absorb the outer threats, but to draw out the stain from within us.
Faith in the Lord Jesus Chirst and His Atonement. Makes sense why the last part has been added as of late.

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  1. The quote from HTTYD put a smile on my face.