Sunday, March 13, 2011

To be or not to be...

Elder Holland is one of my heroes and I heard two talk references today that he gave so I thought I would talk about them because they are interrelated topics and from the same person.
The other reason is because I saw that a few people read the how to have a good day post and were probably disappointed. This is the best, concise teaching I have found on how to be happy and have a good day.
As Elder Holland states much better than I can, the best way to have a good day and be happy is to know that unhappiness has an end. Most anyone can suffer through unpleasantness if they know that it has an end. I am not talking about the eternity kind of end, though that will certainly end ALL sorrow and suffering. I am talking about the living reality of Jesus Christ the Son of God. Because He lives and loves us our bad days and suffering have an end in Him as soon as we seek the solace that He offers. We must keep moving forward and that takes real faith that the best is truly yet to be. 

The best is yet to be 

Good things to come.

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