Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Greatest Generation

So yeah the CES Fireside was pretty sweet. I think that it was interesting that Elder Perry brought up that his generation was marked as the greatest generation. I had heard that applied to my generation on multiple occasions but I think that he gave us some keys on how to become the greatest generation and what was to be expected of us in order to become the greatest generation. There is no scriptural precedence that God should have a favorite people on the face of the earth. 
The only way to gain favor in the sight of God is to follow Him. 
You cannot be born great. Only for greatness.

"They had to learn to accept the future that played out one day at a time."

Daily Prayer
Daily Scripture Study
Temple Worthiness
Daily Service

These are what I believe are keys to becoming the greatest generation.

"Arise to a new sense of commitment and arise to become the greatest generation"

I submit that a "return to Christian values" is more than an invitation to be missionaries. It is an invitation to become as the the Savior is. It is an invitation to become the greatest generation. 
The greatest generation of missionaries
The greatest generation of leaders of His church
The greatest example of righteous living.
And through the grace of God, partakes of the greatest gift. The Atonement. And then as Elder Perry states extending that gift to others. And becoming saviors on Mount Zion, partners with the Savior of the World.

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