Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Differences that don't exist

Do we see things that aren't really there? We were talking about different religions and how they take what they understand and they do such a great job at it that they are masters at it. The only bad thing is that everything falls by the wayside. 
Are we really any different though?
If we hear a new truth taught by the Apostles do we embrace it or do we shun it "until we can understand it?" The truth is that there are supposed to be things that we don't understand. If we knew everything then we would make life miserable for everyone else. But the only difference between us really is that there was a cross roads. God is in all things and through all things and of all things. 
God has a body of flesh and bone
Mind Blown
Which one is easier to see and experience?
Well since I don't know many people personally who see God on a regular basis, but I know tons of people that feel His presence and feel Him in the world around and can see His footprint in all the world around.
So which "conflicting truth" is erased?
That God has a body of flesh and bone same as man's but glorified.
You can do this with all fundamental truths that I find in every world religion. If it is true then we have the fullness. If it has truth in it then we can find it.

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