Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Now that we have number 76 posted, onto 77.
I guess that you could say that I can have a pretty morbid sense of fun. I enjoy going to a crowded busy store that is hectic and chaotic to buy a candy bar or a tin of mints, and then the cashier looks at me like you came into this mess for this? And I be extra pleasant and polite. I like to go into busy places when I have nothing to do and watch people run around being busy. It gives me lots to consider about my own life. I have normal fun too, but I like my different kind of fun just as much. It makes other people think I am leaning a tad toward lunacy which has its definite advantages and that is just gravy. 
I think that the more that I watch others the more that I come to learn about myself. There are things that I don't realize that I do until I see someone do them. I enjoy the time to ponder. 

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