Friday, January 21, 2011


I guess I can leak a little bit of information about me. I got to see a shadow from my past at the Institute the other day and it made me happy. We exchanged pleasantries and he asked if I was going to do EFY. I was sad to say that i actually found an actual job. He asked if I was considering Disneyland again this year. Highly. 
Oh EFC (Especially for Councilors) is when the EFY councilors get together after the last session of EFY for three days of Disneyland before school starts again. Oh EFC, how my heart yearns for thee. I got to go last minute and so I began a trip with 70-80ish EFYer's to Disneyland. I got to go because of a good friend who kept me posted and it was a great trip. I guess I kinda got appointed a kind of "leader of the band" of those that wanted to have fun! We did so much. Some of my favorite memories are Resort Hotel Rooftop fireworks. Monorailing into TLT Dance club afterwards. Going on pretty much every single ride. Being the last group in and the first person out. World of Color. Getting extra fast passes for those in our group who needed them. Aladdin broadwayish show. The whole trip was fantastic. I love Disneyland!
Some background; I love Disneyland!
I can navigate that park better than most communities in Spanish Fork after living here for 20+ years. I can walk through in my mind's eye and can see every vendor cart, what they sell, the fastest route to where you need to get, how to avoid the smoking areas, what time the shows are, and how to save your feet and save time. 

I love that the sidewalk is textured/painted and that you always have music escorting you everywhere. It rejuvenates me in so many ways. 
Am I going again this year? We will see what the year brings, but my best answer for right now is yes!

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