Saturday, January 29, 2011

Where the Other Things Are

Why do we let our lives be ruined by outside forces?
I see lots of people unhappy because it rained, snowed, is sunny, is cloudy. They are upset unhappy if they fail a test or if they didn't do as good as they hoped. They are upset if someone lies to them or if they are cut off on the road. 
I just don't see the point.
At the point in time that you are upset, there is nothing that you can do that will prevent the thing that happened from happening in the past. There are simply too many things outside of our control. Control is an illusion. Self control is the key. If you are unhappy that someone cut you off did you do something that made the person think that you were going to let them over? Did you not study for that test that you should have done better on?
The point is that worrying about the past is counter productive. Learning from the past to make adjustments to the future and present is what successful people do.
Super successful people do that while in council with the Lord. 
You have a performance review and ask what could have gone better, what can I do in the future to prepare better, what was I supposed to learn from that? etc. This is a strategy that I have seen many successful people use in life to get the best results from crappy past/present situations. 
I just need to get better at doing it.

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