Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year?

In meeting today we were talking about goals and I realized that I really like goals. I hated goals at certain points from certain people in my life because they were a stick that those people used to measure the amount of love that I received (P.S. Bad Idea). But the more that I got to learn the more that I like them. I posted back in December about goals and have thought a lot since about working my hardest.  I thought about all the times that I can rationalize to myself that I am trying my hardest. I love my Dad for always being able to let me know when I am not. He loves me enough to see that when I plateau it is out of laziness or selfishness or a cleverly mixed combination, and he will let me know that I am capable of more. I realize that my friends do that for me without realizing it or they are too nice to point it out in obvious ways. They say things that I feel are truly inspired and are a check point for me that make me ask, "Am I giving my all?" Today our Elder's Quorum President was teaching about our all too and drew a heart and asked what percent we wanted to give the Lord? I thought of three levels that I give to the Lord and everything else in life. 
1. Give nothing
2. Give everything that is asked
3. Give everything without being asked
I think these represent the level of commitment to a school assignment, church assignment, or any other thing we do in life. Do we simply put forth no effort? Do we give a minimum and pretend like it is our max only giving what is needed for the assignment? Or do we give everything? I don't often find myself in the last category, but striving is what I am doing. But I think this applies to our goals. Am I going to only do what I need to meet the bottom line goal? Do I think it's to hard and just give up? Or do I give everything, not thinking about the goal, and work with the Lord to achieve a greater end than I could have on my own?
The times I do get to number three the results always blow me away. The Lord can make so much out of efforts that matter so little in the scheme of things, but He is trying to teach us. I am so thankful for goals that help me to reach out into number 3 and give everything and rely on the Lord. From experience when I hold something back from Him I don't have much confidence that He won't do the same. Also if I give nothing, what do I expect Him to give. Finally, if I give everything then I know what He will give. In our goals and promises to live better lives this year, may we strive to give Him all. That we may receive all, because as Elder Maxwell reminds us, "He has promised us all that He has and brothers and sisters, there is no more."

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