Saturday, January 8, 2011

So much to worry about

I was in a meeting today and the visiting General Authority asked what are you worried about? I thought for a long time and decided that I was worried about me. How do I get out of bed on those really hard days? How do I know that everything will be worth it when I want to give up? I was thinking that everyone would have similar questions. We got a question about finding someone to marry and when will I know, but the rest of the questions irked me severely. They were about things that you can't control. What if the job market crashes, and what if we get taken over and lose all of our freedoms, what about if someone close to me leaves the church and never comes back, what about pornography and it's sweeping plague. 
While I admit some of these are more worthwhile questions than others I was irked for two main reasons. One the important questions have already been addressed, and two the other things are then, of necessity, unimportant. What if the economy crashes and we all lose our jobs and get kicked out of our houses? What is worrying about it going to proffer you? What if, what if, what if ourselves to death, but the point is what are you going to do about it. 
Are you worried about the government? Get involved and do everything that you can do and after that then it is not your problem. I can only control me. Period. That is all that I am supposed to be able to control. If I do then I pass, if not then I fail. 
I suppose now I understand why so many people are unhappy with life, they worry about things that they can't control. They don't focus on what they can control. I have a degree and there are no jobs. Can I control that? No . What can I control? Me going out and finding a job and asking for the help of the Lord and doing everything that I can to be ready to find one and then when one comes along humble enough to realize that even though i could be making more that things are great. I know that when I worry about things I can't control (ESPECIALLY GIRLS) life can be downright miserable. Why sign up for it? I try my hardest to avoid it.

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