Sunday, January 9, 2011

What is it?

Elder Christofferson spoke tonight about manna. He mentioned how the Israelites had to gather only enough manna for the day and how it was representative of their walk with Christ daily. That as they relied on Him for the sustaining life giving bread that they had to remember Him daily. He said that we too need to find what it is that we rely on the Lord for daily and give thanks for that. He also mentioned a few times how they could only gather enough for one day except sabbath. I got to thinking that maybe in relation to us it is because our chances to obtain daily bread have a chort shelf life. When someone needs our help either we go or the Lord will send someone else. We have lost the opportunity to be instruments in the Lord's Hands. He mentioned that it was also to provide them with the opportunity to have more trust in the Lord, realizing that if the food was not there in the morning that they would die. I suppose that our situation is no less drastic really. If we do not receive our daily manna then we will die as well. We need to trust God and not need these grand experiences that make us feel like that will hold us over for a little while. We need daily experiences in the scirputres, and feeling the spirit to realize that what we have is of far greater worth than manna in the wilderness it is like the Lord said, "The bread of life. And that whosever eateth of the bread that I shall give him shall never hunger." We need to share Him with others so that they might share in the joy that we have through Him.

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