Monday, April 4, 2011

The aftermath

Yeah, the aftermath of General Conference is glorious. I know that I have good friends when we haven't seen each other for 5 days or 4 years and we start off by talking about conference and how it was so incredible. I love that for months afterwards we will be discussing President Eyring's sense of humor, the sadness that rests on President Monson, The hope given by Elder Holland, the invitation to look to become more childlike by sister stevens, President Uchtdorf's accent and many other General conference favorites.
But the real aftermath is what happens to our hearts. Because of general conference and the things that were felt and words which touched us, we will never be the same. The aftermath of general conference will truly be felt as one is more loving to their spouse when it would be easier to get angry as exhibited by Elder Scott, or when we have a hard day and cannot go on but find the strength to do so because we gained a testimony because of what was felt from President Eyring, or when doubt succumbs to faith when a long awaited for prayer is answered by applying principles of revelation from Elder Bednar. 
The true miracle like so many other things is the church is not felt until long after the event is over. The word was planted in our hearts and by faith, or the lack there of, we will reap the aftermath. 

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