Saturday, April 2, 2011

Highlights from Priesthood

I used to feel really bad for the girls that I could watch their conference live and they had to wait to see what happened in Priesthood Conference. I don't feel so bad because with the advances in the technology seeing as they have to wait less but it was great so I will share some highlights.
Elder Anderson
Told a story about a boy who lost his CTR ring. The Lord has set His hand to gather Israel. There will always be something to leaver behind to follow the prophet of God. The majesty and certainty of the Second Coming
Elder Snow
Hope is an emotion that brings richness to our lives. It is a reasonable confidence. Hope for things out of our control lead to superstition and disappointment. Hope for things within our control inspire action, hard work, dedication and making ourselves better.
President Gibson
Told a story of his boys watching over and protecting bunnies. Power in our presidencies. The priesthood is not a gift, it is a commission, an opportunity to serve.
President Uchtdorf
Told the parable of the cruise ship. A man wanting to see the world scrimped and saved to go on a Caribbean Cruise. He could not afford much food and packed a suitcase with canned food and crackers. He envied those who could go to movies, golf, and eat luxurious foods on the cruise. On the last day one of the attendants asked which farewell meal he would attend and he then realized that the things he had forewent were included in the cruise. He had lived below his potential . We must learn the Purpose, Potential and Practical use of the Priesthood. We must never lose the awe and wonder of service in the Lord's kingdom.
President Eyring
Told stories of his early experiences with church service in the priesthood and how we need to fell our Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood. Learn the eternal lessons. Rid our lives of contention.
President Monson
Wanted to talk about some things that "keep me awake and weeping on my pillow." Don't do or say anything that you cannot be proud of. What will protect us in turbulent times? A strong testimony. Read the Book of Mormon. Cease any unrighteousness. We cannot be of the world and must reject false teaching. Young men of marrying age are to marry. Commitment to your marriage will bring happiness. We must be motivated to try harder this time around.
It was superb so when it comes out Wednesday or Thursday you should look it up.

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