Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So yeah poor Tuesday. 
It was confirmed to me though that people in general and myself included are rarely ever happy with things just being the way they are. If it is Monday, people wish it was Friday, if it is Tuesday, they wish it was Friday, when it's Friday, they wish they didn't have to get up. I want to scream and say are you ever happy?
That is the thing that started me towards being happier.
I realized that most of the reasons that people are unhappy is because they don't see what they have. 
People are unhappy in a relationship because they don't realize that someone loves them. They can't see the love the other person is offering and so they don't realize until it is too late. People hate the rain because they would rather be out playing when they are stuck at work, or studying for finals, etc. anyway. People are unhappy it's Monday because Friday will be a better day than Monday. (Little do they know that on Friday their alarm will not go off, they will get a flat tire, and choke on their lunch.) 
Find joy in the journey and realize that life is never as bad as it seems. Only our attitude.

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