Saturday, April 30, 2011


I know that two posts in one day is like cheating, but it was a good day.
I think that for the most part change is positive. 
People can change their attitudes, people change their underwear, people change the things they like (and dislike), people change their taste in food, culture, music, attire, friends. 
I am an advocate for change. 
Change just for change can be fun sometimes too.
My favorite though is to see change that revolves around a constant. That is poetry in motion.
That is what happened today.
Today we went to a meeting to reorganize the YSA wards into YSA stakes and it was phenomenal.
The Spirit was so strong as the General Authorities explained why the changes are happening. Tomorrow will be very eventful. 
It is also funny to see people who are opposed to change. 
They seem to hate change just because it is different. 
I often wonder if they change their underwear every day. 
I also wonder if this may be the reason that they are so upset.
I don't always love change either but I know that it is usually very needed.

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