Sunday, April 17, 2011

Every three thousand miles

So you may or may not be aware that 3,000 miles is the usual recommendation for changing your oil. It has nothing to do with this post just FYI.
Changing your heart, however, has no scheduled maintenance ideal. 
Just thought to share some thoughts about changing your heart that were inspiring to me today.
Changing your heart requires an understanding of what it is and what it is to become.
Changing your heart is so altering that when the new is compared with the old, the old should not be discerned. 
Changing you heart allows for you to be renewed. 
This was very interesting as I thought more about this personally. It is possible to go through life with build up and guilt and regret and still be productive and happy, for a time. There comes a time that you will not be able to forge on. That is why we need a change of heart. It replaces our old heart that is torn, broken, mended, and re-mended. Loaded with sins and repentance, struggles, and the struggles of others. It replaces that heart with a new model that is closely fashioned after His heart. We keep with us all that we learned, but out capacity to love as He loves is increased. 
I made it a personal goal to make sure that I get in for my heart change more often than I get in for my oil change. 
All the sacrament talks were really good. One of the most insightful things that was said came right after Roger played a beautiful medley for our musical number and the High Councilman got up and said, "I doubt he's always been that good. As you put time into the gospel there comes a point when you just fly, just like Roger."
More to come on flying tomorrow unless I get distracted by some other thought. 

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