Friday, April 8, 2011

At last

Yeah so it was a great Friday and I stayed at home and watched Tangled with the fam. I love being at home some nights. It is great. I also love Tangled. I think that it is a great Disney movie. I was thinking though about the dong they sing in the boat. "At last I've seen the light and it's like the fog has lifted." 
If that's what it's really like I can't wait(and I am not talking about floating on a boat with a girl with 70 ft. of hair).
It did make me think about other things though, like reading my scriptures, and general conference. I work at something so hard and for so long and wonder why life is hard, and then I get it. It just clears everything up and life gets a little bit sweeter. My usual rule of thumb is that if life is going too fast, getting to crazy, or seems like it is just crushingly busy then I am not being engaged religiously. I may do things, but I am not doing them. I become a robot, and it takes a good strong gust of life for me to realize that I need to unwind, relax, and pick up a good book. In fact the best book, or run to the temple, get something done to help someone else. And while it doesn't make life less busy, it slows it down. And that is a feeling that I can say at last to.

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