Sunday, April 3, 2011


I know weird title right after conference but for me that is what conference is in a lot of ways, a vacation. 
Mostly the best and only true kind of vacation for me is what I call a vacation from life.
I got done listening to conference and felt so good about life. Everything is going to work out fine. Have faith and keep moving forward and you will be fine. It was such a relief to know and have witnessed the fact that we have men who talk with God that tell us what we need to know. They did not tell us the world is going to end or to pack up and move. Just do what you are doing but do it better and give it your best. Make sure that you are becoming what you need to become. 
That is why I love going to the temple, church, reading scriptures, but all of those are fro the moment that I am in them. Conference is long enough that I get a good couple of days that feel like a couple of weeks that take off a couple of years from my life. That is why I love Disneyland. In a similar way it sucks years off of my life. I think that we all need a vacation from life. 
Reading conference is great and re-listening to it is important. But the greatest blessing for me is the moment to take out the time from my life and take a vacation from life for a couple of days. 
I hope that you enjoyed conference and that you will re-read and re-listen to the talks. They were inspiring and uplifting and the Sunday Afternoon session rocked my world.
You can find the talks that have changed my life HERE. And for real guys check out the Young Women Session as well. It is packed with great stuff that you ought to know.

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