Saturday, April 30, 2011


I was thinking today after an early morning confrontation and I thought, "What a jerk! Here I am doing a favor for them and they treat me like that. Wow!"
Then I was severely humbled and the Spirit whispered into my heart, "Well they certainly do enough for you."
Then I retorted with, "Well, I am never a jerk like that."
Then I realized that I was lying. I have been a jerk like that.
Then the Spirit whispered again, "Isn't it funny how out of character that was."
I retorted with, "Well they just don't know what kind of day I've been having and everything that I have done for them and what it means to me."
The Spirit then replied, "Exactly."
That was the end of the conversation.
I have thought about this all day. Exactly.
I realized that if I were to take more time to think about how other people feel and what other people have done then I would not do the things that I do to be rather jerkish. 
Just the same way that had this person realized that what I was doing was going out of my way to help them they would have not done what they had done.
I believe that most people have a heart (even if it is black and made from the volcanic rock of Hell), and that because they have a heart that they would not be jerks if they realized what was being offered to them. 
I am going to try harder to not be a jerk, by looking at what other people offer me as their very best.

This person was later informed of their actions by a non-partisan third party and apologized for being a jerk. Just because the other person may learn a profound life lesson is no reason to be a jerk.

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