Friday, April 15, 2011

Aye, Aye Captian

So as I was leaving from work late, on a Friday, missing ultimate Frisbee, one of the people that I work with asked me how I was doing. I answered with fantastic. She gave me a salute and an, "aye, aye captain." I gave her a quizzical look and she clarified, captain optimistic. Then I understood.
I think that people are funny. I am funny most of the time. It just takes some looking for find it sometimes. I was at the temple with some friends and I was running a little late (again the work thing) and came in and sat down and got to chat some before he left and I sat waiting my turn. I noticed that people who came in after I had, started leaving before me and thought, "Hmmm, that's weird." Then another of our friends came and we got to see each other and catch up some and soon the temple workers asked me my name. They had lost my paper and were trying to get me into a booth cause I had been there a long time. 
I could have said something, but decided not to. I think that I was there to meet up with our other friend who was late. It is interesting that some people would find it irritating that I was waiting for so long, but I enjoyed it and believe that it truly was for the best. 
So people have rotten days and days when things don't go as planned. They choose to complain. I have yet to see this fix anything. If any of you know of a situation in which complaining helps I would like to know. There are those few truly talented individuals who can complain before something actually goes wrong, which I guess is better than complaining after the fact, right?
I choose to focus on the good things of the day. I got to work. I helped a bunch of people who really needed my help. I had a stuffed breadstick for lunch. My notes didn't get erased from the face of the earth, after I finished a call. I got to use my break time. Megan came over and talked with me today. It was casual Friday, and I got to wear my Disney/Hawaiian shirt. The sun was shining, and it was a beautiful day.
I find that the main thing that helps me with patience and optimism is trust. Trust that things will work out in the end. Trust that one less game of ultimate will not kill me. Trust that God has something better to do with my 5 minutes, 30 minutes, or hour. 
I hope that you have days full of faith, hope, and charity. And when you do remember to share it. 

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