Thursday, April 28, 2011

You Again?

This was an interesting movie and no spoilers and no movie review but there was a main message that I found intriguing; forgiveness. 
I find it incredible that this one principle is so often very misunderstood.
Forgiveness is not just a point that we reach, a decision we make, or a feeling that we get. It is not simply saying I am sorry. It is touching the Atonement in a sacred way, when through the mercy of Christ we understand in a very real sense what we have done to someone else and we understand sorrow, as God understands sorrow. 
It is something so special that I want to experience it more in my life.
There is really nothing scary about asking or giving forgiveness to others. The only thing we fear, which is true with most things, is our own worst selves. 
Forgiving someone who has not asked forgiveness is allowing the Atonement to touch in new ways that deepens our love for Christ. He paid for that hurt, and all the damage that was done. Not forgiving someone is telling Christ that His suffering was not enough. It has already been paid for. Do not make another try to pay for something that they could not possibly when Christ purchased it perfectly. Both the forgiven and the forgiver will come to appreciate the Atonement so much more. 
The forgiver for they will feel the total recompense and know of the true love of the Savior and the forgiven for they, and only they, know what a terrible price would have had to have been paid for the things that they have done wrong to have been paid for. Much the same way that upon facing a canyon wall of slate one realizes that they are expected to do the impossible in climbing it, only to realize that at the moment when they feel that all is lost to realize that while they were agonizing over it the Savior overcame it. 
There was a lot that may not be gained by just watching it, but I had been thinking a lot and it impressed in the presentation of these ideas.

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