Saturday, April 9, 2011

You had a bad day?

"When we feel to say, "Hope you know I'm having a hard time." We can be assured that He is there and we are in His loving arms. 
Think of the Savior in the Garden of Gethsemane. I testify that the Atonement of Jesus Christ covers all of the trials and hardships that any of us encounter in this life."
With this insight we can know that nothing is truly hard. It is short-sighted. It may set back our plans. It may inconvenience what we think needs to happen. When we hit road blocks then that is the time that our faith is truly tried and strengthened. After we have done all we can then we with confidence leave the rest in the Lord's hands as we go to Him and say, "Hope you know I'm having and hard time." And then in my experience the Lord answers with our next move. It may be something that we did not anticipate or even consider. It may be something that we had encountered and dismissed as the wrong path. When we hit the dead end it is not that He has abandoned us or that we of necessity were incorrect in following our promptings. It simply means that we have reached the end of the road that we were on. If we truly rely on the Lord we realize that there is no sorrow that is not swallowed up in the suffering of the Savior. We can agonize and fret, but He was in agony for us long ago in a Garden called Gethsemane. He suffered that we might not suffer if we would repent. 
Most of us live below our privileges in this matter. The Atonement covers sin and I thank God every night that it does, but repent really means to turn, or to gain a new perspective. He suffered that we might not suffer if we will turn to Him and get a new perspective. I will not say that it does not hurt nights, but I do not suffer. It feels empty, but I am not empty. I am filled with His love. That makes it incredibly hard to have a bad day.

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