Monday, April 11, 2011


I think that it is ironic. 
People can neglect the small and simple things and then conference rolls around and they brace themselves for new and interesting doctrine and the most spiritually enlightened men that I know are found reading the scriptures to us. Teaching us about prayer, tithing, following the prophet, going to church, and being good people. 
That is pretty deep/new & interesting doctrine. 
The most amazing thing is that as you do those things then your ability to grow from conference increases. We may in fact do those things, however, if we are prone to say, "I already read my scriptures, or say my prayers, or don't view pornography, or pay my tithing, then we cut ourselves off as well.
God will not unfold any more to our view and we will not progress. 

Satan does not care which side of the path you stray from whether it's the right or the left, because at least it is not the path. To gain all we can from conference we must always be asking, " how can I be kinder, have a better fast, get more out of paying my tithing, reading my scriptures, saying my prayers, doing service, being happier?
When we stop accessing our progress we digress. 
Isn't it ironic?

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