Monday, April 25, 2011

Hard-boiled Eggs

So day after Easter and now we get to eat all of the eggs that we hard-boiled so that we could color. 
This is perfectly acceptable to me as I have a soft spot for hard-boiled eggs.
I especially love egg salad sandwiches that I get to take to work :)
I also have been thinking about the other kinds of leftovers. 
Easter candy, merchandise that is reduced in the stores, signs & banners coming down. 
I think that it is a shame in a lot of ways to take down the banners and signs and put away the Easter eggs and basket, much the same reason that I don't like the day we take the Christmas tree down. 
I am not advocating leaving it up as it would become less special, but at the same time I think that what makes these times of year special are the fact that we have constant visual reminders of why we have these seasons. 
And even though they do tend to get over commercialized and deranged in their celebration I think that the underlying theme of the season is found betrayed in peoples's attitudes.
I hope that the only thing leftover from your Easter celebration is not an empty basket, and some hard-boiled eggs, but that it was a time of special renewal for you. 

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