Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Today you may or may not be aware that passover ended and thus our Easter celebration comes to a close (even though I will be eating hard-boiled eggs for a little bit longer:)).
I have thought a lot about this Easter and what it has meant to me. It has reminded me in a lot of interesting ways how mindful God is of us. 
I then got to thinking that; If I were more mindful of God then I would merely see that He was being more mindful of me.
I know that at first it sounds selfish, but it really isn't. 
If we paid more attention to God we would SEE that He pays more attention to us. He already pays lots of attention to us in our lives and does things for us that we never see. Giving more attention to Him and what He does, how He sees the world, and how He thinks, simply gives us better perspective on what He is already doing.
This is when the true power of prayer is unlocked in our lives. 
When we realize what God is already doing we can then pray to have those ends fulfilled and if we are looking towards that end and understand His perfect timing then we are ready for whatever happens next. 
I guess I got to thinking more about this at work today.
I got another offer for a raise (I just have to pass a super hard test is all, but still).
I got to thinking. Does the company favor me over other people?
I soon realized that was ludicrous.
The benefits of the company are available to everyone. Some people choose to play games or watch movies in their spare time and I choose to take calls, and talk with others techs about issues and learn. 
Then I got to thinking about blessings from God. He doesn't love one child above another and yet some people live "better" lives than others. I realized that the love of God compared to his children is not like eccentric circles, as most people believe but a set of infinite concentric circles with the love of God always being the outer circle. As we expand our personal obedience and follow His commandments the circle increases but is still infinitely smaller than the outer circle. God's love is the exact same, infinite and eternal. We each have a circle that we can choose to enlarge or decrease within the span of His love. Following God and his prophets will yield greater understanding, wisdom, confidence, peace, and every other form of blessing, while not will yield a decrease.
God's love has not decreased, but our capacity to receive it has. Just as trying to pour 1000 gallons of water through a hole that has a diameter of 5 microns will take forever, while using a hole that has a diameter of a mile will take no time at all. The initial amount is the same, but given a small enough hole, with not enough time there may even be some blessings that we fore go. 
I hope that you have a greater desire to see God's hand in your life and realize the blessings that He is already willing to give us that are contingent upon our asking, and seeing what He truly wants for us. 
Happy Easter everyone!

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